We have designed a number of tours that are a little different to the the usual TDF and Giro tours, as it’d be a shame to travel to Europe and ride in a traffic jam! If you’d like to undertake a tour away from the hustle and bustle of those following the TDF or GIRO, please come and join along in one of our tours during the month of June. where you’ll have the roads practically to yourself. Take this opportunity to enjoy and immerse yourself in the peace and tranquillity of the mountains and countryside.

Our tours are designed for a full cycling adventure. We have a support vehicle with every tour and hopefully the only time you may need the support van is to go out for dinner at night. We have designed the tours for minimal or ZERO transit times as we believe that you should be riding your bike and enjoying the entire experience, not sitting in a bus. We want you to enjoy each day of the tour and take on some of the ‘legendary climbs’ and tick them off your bucket list? The upside of any climb are the amazing valleys that we will also have to coast through, so we get lots of opportunity to enjoy the various villages with their individual and quaint character. No two villages are the same and neither are their Patisseries!!!

With each of our tours, we try to encompass routes that have a long and short option, ranging from 50k to 120k+ . These rides will also include climbing and this can be anywhere from a few hundred meters to 3000+ meters, which means your legs can get fatigued. So, if the legs are good you can keep on going or if you want an easier day, the option and choice is yours to ride shorter or jump in the support vehicle.

All the tours are designed, ridden and led by the founder of the company so there is no middleman or other satellite tours in operation. At Chameleon Bike Adventures, you will be looked after by people who have 100% interest in you and your tour enjoyment.